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Legal Immigration and Life
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Immigration to Canada

Canada is one of the best places to live, with high life standard , plenty of natural resources and multicultural richness. Canada is accepting new immigrants from all over the world. There are different programs for immigration (depending on the province you want to settle) with different rules and selection criteria.


One of the most popular program for Immigration is the one for Immigration in Quebec Province in Canada. The popularity is based on its short duration and lower criteria for acceptance of new immigrants. You can check NOW if you are qualified applicant for the Quebec Immigration Program.

HERE you will find step by step guide how to start the process and submit your application for Legal Immigration in Quebec, Canada.


What does it mean to be Permanent Resident in Canada?

At your arrival in Canada as an immigrant (it doesn’t really matter which program provided you the immigration visa) you can settle wherever you like in Canada. Once you get your permanent residenyt card you are allowed to live and work anywhere in Canada (it means that if you change your mind and want to settle in different province than the one you applied for, there is nothing to stop you of doing so – You have an Immigration Visa for Canada).



Once you’ve got the status of Permanent Resident you will have the possibility of sponsoring someone from your family – to become a permanent resident too. Canadian permanent residents get almost all the privileges as the Canadian citizens.

After 3 years living in Canada as permanent resident, you can apply for Canadian Citizenship.


Useful Information

If you are currently in Quebec, for work or for studding and you want to immigrate, please read more for the workers visa and the international students.



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Legal Immigration to Quebec, Canada – Program for Qualified Workers

The applicants for the immigration to Canada as qualified workers for Quebec province in Canada/Qualified Applicants are those with intention to settle in Montreal or other city in Quebec, Canada.


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